Orphan Caring

180,000 Orphaned or Abandoned Children

Honduras has a very high number of orphaned or abandoned children. God has called us to reach this group of oung people that has been left behind. We are thankful to be able to have a number of Honduran teenagers living here on our property.

Our facilities include multiple dormitories and bathrooms. Currently we have converted a double garage into our dining hall. We are always looking to improve the facilities and increase our capacity to handle this tremendous need to our best ability.

If God would lead you to sponsor the home on a monthly basis, 100% ofevery dollar donated will go directly to the expense of the property. Nothing is taken out for administrative use whatsoever. All of our help are volunteers and receive their support from their local church or missions agency.

It costs us about $200 a week to cover the food expenses for the children's home. We also have costs associated with utilities, schooling and transportation.

We would love for you to come down and visit and see what God is doing here in Lejamani, Comayagua, Honduras!