Church Planting

The Heart Of Missions Is Church Planting

We believe the heartbeat of missions is church planting. God's command, to go into all the world and preach the Gospel to every creature, this was given to the local church. It is a local church mission and it is fulfilled by establishing local, indigenous churches throughout the world. We at GO Honduras always want to keep church planting and church helps ministries as the focus of everything we do.

Currently we are working to strengthen Iglesia Bautista Lejamani which is located on our property. We have a solid man training to take the pastorate in the future. The goal is to turn this church over to a national pastor and start other churches in the area surrounding us.

We are praying about some of the more remote areas in the mountains behind our property. There are many towns and villages near us that have no Gospel witness. As God allows we will begin to hold Bible studies with families in some of these areas. As people get saved, and begin to understand the Bible, it is our goal to take these fellowships and establish local, autonomous churches.